To get from Napier to Wellington we almost could have taken the hand brake off the car and let the wind do the rest.  Four and a half hours of wet, windy, exhausting driving later we made it in to Wellington, probably my favourite place we visited on the North Island of New Zealand.  Despite being freezing cold, wet, and windy the entire time we were there, the vibe in Wellington was enthralling.

Our time in Wellington started at Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand.  Six huge levels of exhibitions it would be easy to spend an entire day there.  We had half a day and it was time well spent.  After our dose of education we headed out to Scopa on Cuba Street, the premier strip for eating and drinking in Wellington.  This was the first of two amazing meals in Wellington; Scopa is an Italian restaurant and I had beetroot pappardelle with an oxtail ragu, endives, marjoram, black truffle and asiago.  It was honestly one of the best pasta dishes I’d ever eaten.

The next night we ate at Matterhorn, again in Cuba Street; Matterhorn is the number one destination for dinner and drinks and the meal we had made it very clear why.  We had a tapas style shared menu which included yellowfin tuna, pork belly, olives and duck fat brussel sprouts.  We could (and initially did) order so much more from the menu, but our very attentive waitress recommended halving our initial selections, which was well judged.  After dinner we checked out the drinking establishments which were wide and varied throughout the city.  A few highlights were CGM’s which was a gin house which served the best gin fizz I’ve had in ages, and a little bar called Alice which was situated inside a nightclub called Wonderland and served many of their drinks in teapots, very Alice in Wonderland.

Before heading off from Wellington we caught the cable car up the mountain to get a few photos as we really didn’t get the chance to take many in our few days in the city as the weather was simply atrocious.  “Even Hobart isn’t this cold!” was exclaimed more than once, the wind was just devastatingly chilling.  Despite the weather, Wellington is a city I could easily spend more time in and fall in love with.

Te Papa Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Me in Wellington Wellington from plane

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