Night Noodle Market

Alright, I’ve been really lazy.  I admit it.  But I’ve been really busy I promise, really busy with being busy and not taking the time to create time to do the things which I really enjoy.  Like getting out, taking a few photos and doing a little write up of things that I’ve experienced.  Well, I’ve *almost* managed to be current on this one.  The Melbourne Night Noodle Market.

It’s the first week of December and the Night Noodle Market ran from 12th November to 29th November at Birrarung Marr so I figure I am close enough.  The market ran nightly and offered delicious offerings from some of Melbourne’s best Asian eateries.  Now, I warn you I failed dismally at taking any photos of the actual food, but just be proud that I took a photo and have managed to get it up here in an almost decent amount of time.

Enjoy. x