Night Noodle Market

Alright, I’ve been really lazy.  I admit it.  But I’ve been really busy I promise, really busy with being busy and not taking the time to create time to do the things which I really enjoy.  Like getting out, taking a few photos and doing a little write up of things that I’ve experienced.  Well, I’ve *almost* managed to be current on this one.  The Melbourne Night Noodle Market.

It’s the first week of December and the Night Noodle Market ran from 12th November to 29th November at Birrarung Marr so I figure I am close enough.  The market ran nightly and offered delicious offerings from some of Melbourne’s best Asian eateries.  Now, I warn you I failed dismally at taking any photos of the actual food, but just be proud that I took a photo and have managed to get it up here in an almost decent amount of time.

Enjoy. x



Bang Bang Chicken

“Bang bang” is definitely an accurate way to describe this one.  This was one of the simplest, yet rewarding meals I have ever made.  Granted, due to being a bit lazy tonight I used a premade satay sauce, but considering it is Monday I think that can be forgiven.  The next time I make this one I might make a satay sauce from scratch instead of the premade variety.  I think I would probably also add a couple of other ingredients, some fresh chilli, carrot, ginger and perhaps some sesame seeds would only enhance the flavours offered in this quick and easy dinner option.

Prior to tonight I’d never poached chicken before, but given how easy it was and how juicy and succulent the result was I think this is going to become a standard way of preparing chicken in my kitchen.  Not only is it delicious, but it is a healthy alternative to cooking chicken using oil.  I simply poached the chicken in water with a few herbs, oregano, coriander and basil; you could poach the chicken in wine or vinegars as well to enhance the flavour.  All you need to do is lay the chicken in a pot in a single layer and cover with your poaching liquid (water in my case), about 5cm above the chicken.  Bring to the boil and then very lightly simmer for ten minutes with a lid partly on the pot; then turn off the heat and leave to cook through in the water for 10 to 15 minutes.  While that’s all going on, follow the below recipe for the rest.


Adapted from


Serves 4; Less than 15 minutes (aside from the chicken)

2 Chicken Breasts
200g Vermicelli Rice Noodles
1/2 Cup Satay Sauce (add more if desired)
4 Spring Onions
1 Cucumber
1/2 Cup Coriander Leaves

While the chicken poaches cut the cucumber into match sized strips.  Slice the spring onions on the diagonal and pick the leaves from the coriander.  Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add the rice noodles, cooking according to the packet – usually between two and four minutes.  Take the noodles out of the water and rinse with either hot or cold water – depending on how you want to eat the dish; I had mine hot but can also be served cold.  Place rice noodles in serving bowl and add cucumber and chicken.  Pour the satay sauce over the top and then add your spring onions and coriander.  Bang bang!


Pan Fried Dumplings

Located at 343 Elizabeth Street in North Hobart, Mulan would have to be Hobart’s most elegant Asian cuisine.  Not traditional by any means, but rather serving traditional Chinese flavours in a Western style, Mulan has an extensive menu that, after a number of visits and different selections, never fails to please.  With a number of semi-pivate booths downstairs along with open dining and a larger room upstairs, the restaurant can cater to dinner for a number of different occasions.  Most recently, it was to be the dinner location for a catch up with my friend Jess who I grew up with in Hobart, but now lives in Burnie.

The restaurant was very quiet, even for a Monday night in Hobart.  Aside from our table of three, there was one other table in the restaurant.  It was a little disappointing that we were seated right next to them.  It was probably more disappointing to the other party who had to listen to us talk at the top of our voices, covering many subjects – some more savoury than others.  Despite cramming the only seven diners into one section of the restaurant, conserving space didn’t seem to conserve heat.  Aside from being sheltered from the wind it really felt no different from sitting outside.  I had a couple of glasses of red wine to warm myself up and found that there was nothing else to criticise about the entire experience.

Yu Xiang Pork

Whenever I have Chinese, I can not help but have a full meal of multiple courses.  After scouring the menu and struggling to choose what to eat due to being spoilt for choice, I decided to lean away from  my normal selection, Stir Fry Cumin Lamb Fillets, and went for Yu Xiang Pork for my main.  On either side of the main I had pan fried dumplings for entree and deep fried ice-cream for dessert.  The pork was absolutely delicious, basically shredded pork fillet in a sichuan sauce accompanied with mushrooms, leeks and capsicum.  A small portion of rice was enough to go with this meal which I completely cleaned up.  The meal was quite large, but definitely manageable by one.  This is the kind of restaurant where you could order two mains between two people and then share between you.

More expensive than most Chinese places in Hobart, Mulan certainly needs to deliver to warrant the extra outlay of money.  Every occasion I have been there it definitely has and the quality of the food has never left you with a bad taste in your mouth or bitter about forking out a couple of extra dollars for quality Asian cuisine.