Sunday Drive: New Norfolk

As a Tasmanian there are certain towns and locales that tend to have a bit of a stigma.  New Norfolk is one of these country towns.  About 40 minutes north of Tasmania, the town is well known in local lore as being the home of all the mental patients in Tasmania.  This is a bit of a stretch but the origins of this wide spread “knowledge” is that in the early to mid 1800s New Norfolk housed the Royal Derwent Hospital, which was the medical facility that did treat all the sick convicts.  As part of this facility, Willow Court operated as a mental hospital throughout this period.

We headed up to New Norfolk to visit Willow Court, not for the historical appeal, but because it has now been transformed into large and reputable antique stores.  The below photos are a few that I snapped around the gardens and carpark in New Norfolk.
20141206-085 20141206-088 20141206-089


One of the antiques stores had a number of rooms each which housed only a couple of pieces.  I was captivated more by the roof in one of these rooms than the antiques for sale and got a couple of shots below.20141206-092 20141206-093


Back outside again, around the carpark are a number of rusting motor vehicles.

20141206-097 20141206-099 20141206-100


Wherever we walked it as snowing some kind of spring blossom or seed; not really sure what but it made for quite a beautiful scene as the air was full of the spores.  Lucy had a run around kicking up the settled white snowflake like carpet.
20141206-102 20141206-120The trip up was worth it as I managed to pick up part of Damian’s Christmas present which was a green and brown West German vase and Damian found a set of yellow retro nested tables which were a great buy.

20141206-126 20141206-128


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