This weekend was one of those surprising Hobart gems where you aren’t aware that it is going to be absolutely beautiful, yet the sun is shining and you end up with a mild sunburn.  I certainly ended up rater sun burnt after spending a lot of my Saturday afternoon out in the yard working on a bit of a project that I’ve been wanting to knock over for a while.

Quite some time ago I picked up a couple of bar stools from my colleague, Eloise, who was selling a lot of furniture to move into a newly bought house in New Town.  She was selling the bar stools for $10 for the pair so I quickly snapped them up, I don’t think I even saw them before I committed to buying them from her.

006-2 004-1

They are simple but a great shape and since picking them up I’ve been wanting to paint them and use them as side tables or something of the like.  I was pretty adamant that they were going to be yellow and after flicking through some colour charts I found the yellow that I thought would be perfect: Dandelion Yellow.


In my mind the task was going to be quite simple – buy paint, paint stools, place stools inside.  Sit back and appreciate my new old stools.  It was actually a much more fiddly process than I first anticipated.

A total of three coats with a bit of sanding back and I’m 95% happy with the results; there’s a couple of lumps and bumps throughout, but I think I would have caused more harm than good trying to rectify them.  Lucy did manage to trot through some wet paint and leave marks all over the garden.

012-4 013-5

The yellow has a bit more of a green tinge to it than I expected it to have, however the green hue seems to have lessened with each coat.

Overall I’m really happy with the result, $10 for the stools, $40 for the paint – I think it has turned out to be worth it!



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