It’s been a couple of months since I last blogged so I’ve got a bit to catch up on.  I’m not sure why I fell behind, but it was certainly a nice surprise today to stumble across a number of photos that I hadn’t gotten off my camera from a trip up to Bicheno on the east coast of Tasmania for my birthday in September.

Damian and I left it quite late to organise, but as fate would have it were able to stay at Sandpiper Ocean Cottages just out of Bicheno.  The accommodation was beautiful and sat right on the beach.  We only had two nights, but could have easily stayed for much longer.

As always, the weather on the east coast was brilliant for our stay and we had the opportunity to take Lucy down to the beach.  Where we went for quite a lengthy walk and got a number of photos along the way, these first ones are from where the track opens up to the beach from the beach house.

014-2 004-3 002-4069-25

Lucy was extremely energetic on the beach and happy to run amok.  Getting wet wasn’t really her idea of a good time, but she got a little damp voluntarily.

072-24 060-26 022-19

Damian had to force her into the deep end though.

190-7 192-9 195-8

Certainly didn’t have to force her to do any posing though; Lucy laps up the camera.

177-2 170-21 165-22 152-23 151-3 148-4 142-13 061-17

We took the opportunity to get a few snaps ourselves.

028-5 030-6 050-18

Damian and Lucy got some quality time together.

137-14 120-16 127-15

Then it was time to shake off, dry off and head back home.

155-11 154-12 157-10


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