Aside from the hoards of people milling around the waterfront in the middle of winter, one was able to tell that there was something special going on in Hobart by the light show that illuminated the night sky every night throughout the Dark Mofo festival.

042-1 135-2 183-3 200-4

For the second year running, Hobart was treated to an amazing installation that ran from dusk til dawn every night throuhgout the festival.  The excitement that was caused last year by Spectra, centralised beams of light that pointed straight into the air was only magnified by the numerous sources of light that danced above the city, controlled by levers that could be pulled to direct the light beams and influence their trajectory.

212-5 230-6 232-7 241-8

One can only begin to imagine what the festival will have in store for us next year in its third year running.

248-9 254-10260-11


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