The alarm went off at 4:30am.  I was already awake; one of those mornings where your body wakes you up moments before the sound of your alarm.  A quick shower and a thermos full of coffee and we were in the car ready on the way up to Mt. Wellington’s summit.  It was the morning of the solstice and we were to watch the sun rise over Hobart on the second weekend of the Dark Mofo festival.

Damian and I arrived at the summit in pitch black darkness, a couple of slips on the icy road and we were off to get a spot to sit back and watch it unfold.  This was an especially clear morning up on Hobart’s guardian mountain, framing a perfect view of Articulated Intersect, a light installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer which had the whole of Hobart talking.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod with me so the photos I did get of the amazing display really don’t do it justice – we had fun getting the photos regardless.

047-1 115-3 057-2


We had jumped over the barricade to find a spot amongst the rocks to get the best view of the sunrise over Hobart, we were joined by around 15 other people who stuck to the viewing platforms to be part of the same experience.  We sat and watched the sun come up over the mountains, slowly filling the city with light, street lights dimming and finally the lasers of Articulated Intersect shutting off once the sun had stretched its light far enough.

123-4 133-5 167-7 174-8 164-6 242-9


The sunrise was at 7:42am which was a good two hours after we arrived.  Watching the process in its entirety was phenomenal, the fog crept up the river as the sun rose but never enough to obscure our view of home.  About 8:30am and the cold had finally set in and we retreated back to the car ready to make the descent into Hobart.  A morning sunrise before an evening Winter Feast, this was going to be quite a day of winter celebrations.

263-12 278-14 257-10 260-11 295-15 270-13


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