As a child the first dog that was ever part of the family was Max, a loyal trustworthy Collie that pre-dated my existence in the world.  Max used to sit by my bouncenette and be content to guard his human brother for as many hours as I was content to be left with the company of Max.  Sadly, whilst I’ve seen many a photo of Max, he is not one that I can personally remember.

After Max came Angus, a Scottish Terrier, probably more aptly known as the Scottish Terror.  Angus had an extremely playful nature, but alas the wee thing didn’t know when enough was enough…maybe his presence in my formative years is where I get it from… Angus had a tendency to become a little too vicious to be a family dog and was “adopted by some people at a farm”…I was in my adult years when I connected the dots that there was no farm and it was quite an upsetting realisation; Angus was the first pet I have real memories of.

After Angus, and now for the third time my parents have just gotten themselves a Shetland Sheepdog.  The first, Cinnamon, was the most well natured, loving, family dog that one could ever hope for.  It is no great surprise that after Cinnamon, my parents stuck with Shetland Sheepdogs.  After Cinnamon was Darcy (I’m really not too sure about my parents’ name choices…), who due to some ill-fortuned medical conditions didn’t make it as long as he should have.

So here we arrive at Shetland Sheepdog number three.  Dog X for now.  Three domestic flights and a car trip home, the seven week old pup is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I went up to visit after work today and found Dog X asleep, the bundle of energy had a good half hour to forty-five minutes of running around before passing out, absolutely exhausted.

013-1 016-2037-4039-5

Amazingly, Dog X and Clancy (my parents’ cat), thus far seem to be getting along without incident.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they get along like a house on fire, but they do seem quite amicable… well at least until Dog X gets up in Clancy’s face and pounces around a little too energetically for Clancy’s liking.

088-11 071-10042-6062-9

Quite obviously Dog X is yet to be named.  Personally I really like Jasper, but that hasn’t gotten the tick of approval from mother, who wants something masculine, but cute, preferably old fashioned or unusual.  She likes Quinn, but I don’t think of Quinn as being all that much of a boy’s name.  My first suggestion, Jensen is a no-go as Dog X’s sire’s name just so happens to be Jensen.  So if anyone has any suggestions…

048-7 057-8 093-12


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