A day trip to Mt. Field is always a great option when you want to show visitors to Tasmania the outdoors.  Saturday saw Simon and I go on a road trip with our friends Ele and Kat and their boy Mac up to Mt. Field, a little over an hour out of Hobart.  The weather on the way up was absolutely shocking, we were almost washed off the road, luckily once we arrived the rains cleared and we were given a good opportunity to have a wander around and remain relatively dry.  I was also keen to use my new camera, a Canon 1100D out in the open for the first time.

Russell Falls is probably one of Tasmania’s best known natural attractions.  After a quick lunch of ham sandwiches and some brownies for the road we made to short trek to Russell Falls.  Years ago when I was a child I went with my family, before the waterfall was cordoned off by fencing; my father wandering out amongst the rocks and falling straight into the water is a memory that always come back to me on this little trip.




The rain returned a little and that mixed in with the off spray of water from the waterfall we didn’t stay at the viewing platform for the falls for too long.  We continued along the path up to the next viewing platform which was a little calmer and allowed us to take in the sights for a bit longer.



Along the path around the Tall Trees Walk and to Lady Baron Falls, Mac jumped in puddles, Simon took a few photos and I got the opportunity to play with my camera a bit, playing with some of the close up settings.  It was a really good opportunity to learn more about how the camera worked, it seemed like every ten steps I had to change the ISO and shutter speed.  I learnt a lot on the couple of hours walk and had a brilliant day.





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