The Festival of Voices, dubbed Tasmania‘s leading winter cultural event began tonight with First Light in Salamanca.  The weather in Tasmania really has not turned it on for the festival this year.    A crowd gathered, armed with ponchos and umbrellas with the promise of a move indoors if the weather did not hold out for the event, to witness the opening acts of this year’s celebration of voice.  The normal social atmosphere of this event was unfortunately lost this year due to the continual downpour that even two large bonfires could not displace.  The official acts started with Tom Thum at 6pm, a beatboxer who managed to lift the spirits of a crowd desperately holding out against the elements.

The promise of the move indoors seemed to have been broken and despite the desire to stay and hear further performances from acts including Christine Anu and Paul McDermott, many members of the crowd, myself included, began to make tracks from the outdoor festival, deflated after saturation.  The festival itself spans two weeks and will include over 7o concerts, the highlight for me being Asta, Triple J‘s ‘Unearthed High‘ winner from last year on Wednesday night at ‘Voicebox’, a recreation of City Hall.

The First Light this year was dim and did not shine bright for me at all.  Disappointed that the organisation of the event did not see the necessity to move the concert indoors, but not discouraged against the rest that this cultural event has to offer over the coming weeks.

First Light


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