“The place to go when you don’t really want to see the people you are eating with”.

That was the quote tonight.  Not for any negative reason though, simply because the service was extremely quick.  We met at 6:45pm at the restaurant and had ordered, had our meals delivered and completed by 7:20pm.

The restaurant is located in the main strip of North Hobart, a minimalistic interior housed inside a heritage building makes for an open inviting eating space.  There are a number of long tables in the main dining area along with smaller tables to seat 2 to 4 people.  Out the back is a private dining area which would seat roughly about 30 people.  This is one of those venues that manages to cater to multiple markets.  You would feel comfortable here whether you were in a suit and tie, on a first date or dining with family.  There are crayons and colouring pads for children, which somehow doesn’t affect the ambience for diners who are childless.

Quite often after a seafood restaurant I find that I can feel bloated and heavy due to the deep fried offerings and the general trend that a plate should be stacked full of food.  This was not my experience of Fish 349.  I was dining at a table of four – myself, Simon, Lauren and Xavier.  We each decided to go with the Hot Platter Selection to share between two.  The platter included fish, scallops, fish cakes, coconut prawns and calamari with a green salad and chips.  It totalled a very reasonable $58.50 a couple, which we easily would have spent if we had have opted to go with entrees and mains instead.  No more than 10 minutes after we had ordered we were presented with the platters, served with sweet chilli and aioli.

The platter was simple and well presented.  Whilst we had no trouble cleaning the plate up, the amount of food was definitely appropriate for two people.  The price brought down considerably by each couple making use of a 25% off voucher as part of the Entertainment Book that every Tasmanian who eats out more than twice a year is an owner of.  This was my first experience of Fish 349 in about three years; I won’t leave it so long between visits.



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