Slow cooking beef and vegetable curry


Every Christmas there are always those gifts that you completely forget about.  You unwrap the paper, discover what is inside – to varying degrees of excitement, take them home and put them in the back of the cupboard to be forgotten about.  This is what happened to the slow cooker I got from my sister for Christmas two years ago.  I’d specifically asked for it as well, but somehow over the festive season and all the excitement that comes along with that time of year I’d managed to completely forget that I owned one and it was left forlorn at the back of the kitchen cupboard.  That was quite the mistake.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of cooking on Sundays, making up meals for the week for both Simon and I and also Simon’s uncle.  Rediscovering the slow cooker has been fantastic; cooking multiple meals in a day has never been so easy.  In four hours on Sunday just gone I managed to whip up Spaghetti Bolognese, Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Casserole and the below Beef and Vegetable Curry.  This really is a fuss free curry and I popped it on high for four hours in the slow cooker.  Undoubtedly it would be even better if allowed to slow cook for a full eight hours on low, but there were only so many hours left in the day after visiting the Farmer’s Market and picking up some other bits and pieces.  I use a red curry paste in this recipe, but have no doubt that a variety of other curry bases would go just as well.  I also use brown rice for this, not because it is better than jasmine, but just because we try and substitute any white rice dish with brown rice or quinoa.  Of course, jasmine rice would suit this meal splendidly if you are cooking it yourself.


~Adapted from

Serves 8; 40 minutes (4-8 hours slow cooking)

2tbs Rice Bran Oil
1.25Kg Gravy Beef
2 Brown Onions, sliced
1/2 cup Red Curry Paste
750g Pink Eye Potatoes, diced
1/2 Cauliflower, chopped
2x 400g tins chopped Tomatoes
1 cup Beef Stock
1 1/2 cup frozen Mixed Vegetables
3 cups Brown Rice
Natural Yoghurt

Heat the oil in a pan and brown the beef in a couple of batches.  Transfer to a plate and save with juices.  Add onion to the pan and cook for around three minutes or until softene.  Add the curry paste and cook for another minute or so until fragrant.  Add potato, cauliflower, tomato and stock.  Return the beef and juices and stir to combine.  Transfer to the slow cooker along with the frozen vegetables and cook for 8 hours on low (preferable) or 4 hours on high.

Serve with brown rice, natural yoghurt and possibly some coriander.


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