I like to believe there is something sacred about Sundays.  Not in a religious, ritualistic, church going way.  More in a restaurants and cafes are obligated to do all day breakfast way.  This morning we had an 11 o’clock booking at T42 for our friend Lynda’s birthday.  We weren’t advised at the time of the booking that breakfast finished at 11:30am, but we were informed of the fact no fewer than 3 times between arriving and our entire table arriving.  Luckily, we managed to all arrive and order breakfast by 11:25am, which the staff just looked positively thrilled about…

Mushrooms, Pesto and Ricotta

Mushrooms, Pesto and Ricotta

Don’t get me wrong, as a venue I really enjoy T42, I have eaten there many times and believe that I will do so many times in the future.  As far as the food goes, I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad meal.  This morning was no different.  Quite often on a weekend morning I am drawn to the greasiest, meatiest, largest menu item I can identify.  Having had tonsillitis for a week and thus not being hung over on Sunday for once in my life, I decided to change it up this morning and ordered the ‘Mushrooms on Toast with Pesto and Ricotta’.  I added a hash brown to the order as James who was next to me ordered the same and I couldn’t bear the thought of having food envy.  Which I would have.  The hash brown was fantastic.  Not just a fried up potato fritter, but stuffed with corn and herbs.  It made a delicious accompaniment to the buttery goodness of the mushrooms, smeared with ricotta.

Breakfast is one of those meals that I like to be snappy, it’s breaking the fast, when I want my morning food, I want it right now.  The food service was definitely snappy.  It’s just a pity the table service for the provision of coffees throughout the meal was not as good.  I’d finished my first coffee just after ordering and was left eagerly awaiting a second.   The food came out and I expected to be offered a second service of hot drinks which didn’t happen.  The waitress scurried off before I had the chance to draw attention to the fact my caffeine hit was wearing thin.  Three quarters of the way through the meal I managed to order another coffee, which arrived well past the clearing of plates.

Fantastic food, but the service was a little thin this morning.  It’s hospitality though and I certainly know what it is like to have to get up and work on a Sunday morning after having a boozy evening the night before.  I guess when I’m not still half asleep, reeking of last night’s alcohol with a bleeding headache I’m rather nonchalant about if and when my coffee arrives.  When I’m at my best though, I expect the service to be as well.


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