Nothing is more exciting than planning a holiday. I absolutely love it. Scouring the internet for accommodation deals, flight details, points of interest, places to eat, things to see, the list goes on. Currently, I’m planning a trip to New Zealand in August; it will be my second trip to New Zealand, the first being August/September last year.

Last year, Simon and I flew into Christchurch and spent a week driving around the South Island, discovering wineries, thermal springs, bars, beaches, restaurants, mountains and museums. It was quite possibly the best week of my life. New Zealand last year was the first time I have taken two weeks off work and spent them somewhere else, it was truly fantastic. We stayed a few days in Christchurch before driving south, staying for a night initially at Aoraki National Park at Mt. Cook – the most beautiful place I have ever been – then a night at Oamaru and Dunedin before arriving in Queenstown for a week where we stayed for Gay Ski Week, which was the most fun I’ve ever packed into the space of seven days.

Hamner Springs

Hamner Springs

Tasman Glacier, Mt. Cook, Aoraki National Park

Tasman Glacier, Mt. Cook, Aoraki National Park

This year, we fly into Auckland where we plan to stay for two nights before again discovering the North Island by car, potentially staying at Rotarua, Gisbourne and Napier before arriving in Wellington for two nights and again returning to Queenstown for a week of fun and frivolity with friends old and hopefully new. Hiring a car and discovering new places on your own terms is marvellous. Sure, there may be a couple of blow ups behind the steering wheel from time to time, but they are the experiences you look back and laugh upon later.

All the flights there and back have been booked along with accommodation for a week in Queenstown at the Crowne Plaza. We stayed there last year and whilst a little more expensive than the accommodation we will be choosing for the rest of the trip, when you are staying in one place for eight nights, it really does pay to be that little bit more comfortable. The buffet breakfast included each morning is also a good win. We will be catching up with some friends we made last year in Queenstown and also being joined by another couple from Hobart, Alanna and Reuben, making their first trip to New Zealand.

I’m looking forward to trying my hand at skiing again, I only made it to the ski fields twice the first time and plucked up the courage to do a green run (beginners) by myself by the end of it. I only fell over once and to be honest, the chairlift up was more frightful than flying down the mountain with absolutely no control. It was an amazing feeling. Simon isn’t as keen on the skiing as I am, so it will be good that we have a few people going. I think Reuben and I will try to ski a bit more, whilst Alanna and Simon can explore Queenstown. Read: drink Bloody Marys.

Every week it gets a little more exciting as I book an extra leg of the journey. This week, two nights accommodation in Auckland and Wellington. Next week I think we will decide on our stops between Auckland and Wellington and look at booking nights for that part of the journey. Get me there now!


3 thoughts on “I Dream of New Zealand

  1. It’s great that you enjoyed your trip to New Zealand so much you’re coming back. I live on a farm about 20 kilometres inland from Oamaru so was especially delighted to read you enjoyed your stay in that town.

    I hope you don’t mind a correction – Mt Hutt is a ski field in mid-Canterbury, Aoraki is the Maori name for Mt Cook, NZ’s highest mountain, and the caption for your Tasman glacier photo should be Mt Cook, not Hutt.

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