Your Husband is Reported as Missing

ImageRecently my partner and I have been charged with the responsibility of moving my partner’s uncle’s house. Whilst going through cupboards and boxes of countless trinkets and memories of years gone by I stumbled across this letter.
The emotional reaction that receiving a letter such as this resonated with me for some time. It is a somewhat humbling thought to think that this letter was received only 73 years ago. It made me stop and think about the world that I live in now and the world that existed then and how much we take for granted.
The abrupt language, I think, was what I found most shocking. It is just so matter of fact. “Your husband is missing…we will send a letter if we hear either way”.
Thankfully he turned up, but the news of this didn’t reach his wife, who, three years after receiving the letter, opened the front door to her presumed dead husband. I can only imagine the reaction after that.


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