Quinoa, Mint and Pickle Salad


Serves 1; 20 minutes

½ cup Quinoa

3 Mushrooms

4 Cherry Tomatoes

½ Avacado

1 Pickle


Bring quinoa to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.  Slice pickle, mushroom and avacado and a couple of mint leaves.  Once quinoa has cooked drain and add the freshly sliced ingredients to a sieve.  Work the quinoa through the fresh ingredients and empty onto serving plate.  Serve with cherry tomatoes and fresh mint leaves.


Okay, so my first contribution isn’t exactly an amazing recipe, but it is healthy and it is a quick “whack together” meal.  Normally, these are the times that I find it hardest to be healthy and being able to knock together a tasty, healthy meal in 15 minutes is really important.

Quinoa is one of my new favourite foods to include in cooking.  I have seriously been eating so much of it lately.  Take any recipe that you use rice in and think about substituting it with quinoa.

The more you cook and the more you cook healthy, the more you are going to be able to open your fridge and create meals such as this one.


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